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One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, Eleusis showcases the area’s impressive history. Inhabited since the mid-Helladic era, it was known as the centre of the Eleusinian Mysteries, as well as home to the writer Aeschylus. As far back as ancient Mycenae, the destiny of Eleusis has been linked to that of Athens.

Major monuments occupy this site, including the Sacred Yard; the Greater and Lesser Propylaea; the Small Propylaea; the Telesterion, the great hall; the Triumphal Arches, Roman copies of the Arch of Hadrian in Athens; the Kallichoron Well where, according to myth, Demeter sat during her quest for Persephone; the Ploutonion, a sacred cave with an entrance to Hades; and the Mycenaean manor, a rectangular temple.


Additional Info

Name: Eleusis
Address: Elefsina
District: West Attica

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