Aetionean Gate

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According to experts of Medieval lexicography, this area took its name from the mythical local hero, Aetion. Located on the left side of Piraeus harbour, this cove and surrounding area were first fortified by the Athenians in the late 5th century BC to prevent access to the harbour from the mainland.

Situated at Kastraki Hill on the outskirts of the former municipality of Drapetsona, these two ancient gate towers and wall remnants have been fully restored. In antiquity, the area between the new gate wall and the gate of the old Themistoclean Wall was the Megisti Stoa, where wheat was traded.


Additional Info

Name: Aetionean Gate
Address: Agios Dionysios Port, Piraeus
District: Piraeus
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Peiraeus Station

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