Akademia Platonos

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Akademia Platonos

This area, named after Plato’s Academy, and Akademos, a local hero, has endured intense industrial and residential development over the years.

Plato’s Academy, founded in 387 BC, thrived during the years of the neo-Platonic philosophers until being permanently closed in 529 BC by the emperor Justinian, who closed all the schools of Athens.

Inhabited since the early prehistoric era, this area underwent major changes with the arrival of the tyrant Hippias in the 6th century BC. A gymnasium and peribolos were built on the site. Nearly a century later, the statesman Cimon planted the entire area with trees, which were sadly cut down in 86 BC during the sack of Athens by the Romans.

Excavations over the past 83 years have uncovered significant architecture here, including an early Helladic residence, said to be the home of Akademos; a sacred house from the Geometric era; a peristyle from the 4th century BC; and a 1st-century Roman gymnasium.


Additional Info

Name: Academia Platonos
Address: Akadimia Platonos, Athens
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Blue (3) or Red (2) Lines: Eleonas or Metaxourghio Stations

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