Mycenaean Tombs in Thoricos (Velatouri)

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Some 50km from Athens, just outside Lavrion, is one of the most important archaeological sites of antiquity, the Mycenaean tombs of Thoricos.

Perched atop Velatouri, one of two low hills near the ancient theatre of Thoricos, this area was continuously inhabited from the Neolithic until the Classical period.

According to the evidence, the site flourished in the Mycenaean era, from 1600 to 1100 BC. At the summit of the hill, remnants of a Mycenaean acropolis were discovered, with five domed and vaulted graves – one including pottery and figurines dating from the seventh to the fifth centuries BC.

This was thought to be a site of worship, and had preserved its character even after the fall of the Mycenaeans.


Additional Info

Name: Mycenaean Tombs in Thoricos (Velatouri)
Address: Thoricus
Area: Lavrio
District: East Attica

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