Hadrian's Library

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On Areos Street, opposite the entrance to the Monastiraki Metro Station, lies the archaeological site of Hadrian’s Library.

Though only a few remnants survive, valuable finds continue to be discovered in this ongoing excavation. Described in detail by Pausanias in the second century AC, the library had 100 columns supporting a gilded roof, and was decorated with precious alabaster.

Today’s visitor can see the pediments of the interior columns, as well as the foundations, walls, remnants of a pavilion and the library entrance, framed by seven Corinthian columns.

Enter on Areos Street, opposite the Monastiraki Metro station.

Additional Info

Name: Hadrian's Library
Address: 3, Areos St, Monastiraki
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3249350
Transportation: Metro Green (1) or Blue (3) Line: Monastiraki Station

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