Pikioni Playground, Philothei

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Pikioni Playground, PhilotheiPikioni Playground, PhilotheiPikioni Playground, Philothei

The Pikioni Playground is the work of architect and professor Dimitris Pikionis, and constitutes one of his most important works.

This playground is anything but child’s play. It is home to sculptures by distinguished Greek artists, including a deer by Christos Kapralos, a flutist by Kostas Klouvatos and a commemorative plaque in honour of Pikionis made by Efthymios Panourgias.

The playground reveals Pikionis’ unique talent, which he managed to blend with his love of children.


Additional Info

Name: Pikioni Playground, Philothei
Address: 26, Kechagia St, Philothei
District: North Suburbs

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