Municipal Theatre

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The Municipal TheatreThe Municipal Theatre's façadeThe auditoriumBuilt according to the Italian styleThe theatre's balconiesThe theatre's hallA statue outside the theatre

Built between 1881 and 1883, the Piraeus Municipal Theatre was built here, from designs by Ioannis Lassarimos.

This rectangular, 45 metre x 35 metre structure has an imposing Corinthian entrance, with four columns and a beautiful frieze adorning the pediment. The interior, built in the Italian style with a horseshoe configuration, houses a 1,300-seat theatre. Next to the theatre hall, a two-storey foyer is used as a venue for artistic exhibitions, lectures and other cultural events.

During its long history, this impressive structure has witnessed hosted many Greek and foreign theatrical companies, performing a wide variety of dramatic and lyric repertoires.


Additional Info

Name: Municipal Theatre
Address: Iroon Politechniou St, Piraeus
District: Piraeus
Phone: (+30) 210 4120333

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