Rex Cinema and Theatre Hall

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Located at the lower section of Panepistimiou Street near Omonia, the Rex Cinema was built in the mid-1930s and was considered Athens’ first skyscraper, less for its height than its rectangular shape and façade, thought to be reminiscent of New York’s skyscrapers.

Designed by Kassandras and Bonis as a multi-purpose entertainment venue, it features many Art Deco elements. It has staged some of the most important productions of Greek theatre; the ground floor later became a nightclub.

Upstairs was the Kotopouli Theatre, at that time the largest theatre in Athens; this section is now home to one of the National Theatre stages. In the basement, an area originally intended for use as a ballroom housed the Cineak theatre, which showed newsreels and children’s films.

Additional Info

Address: 48, Panepistimiou St, Athens
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Green (1) or Red (2) Line: Omonia Station

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