Gyzis Neoclassical Building

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Located within a special landscaped area of 8.5 acres, this neoclassical building is the guest house of the Palataki Mansion (Chaidari). After being abandoned by its original owners, it was used as a psychiatric clinic and, for a while, as a manufacturing facility. Now completely restored to its original condition, and surrounded by a lush garden covered with flowers, fruit and palm trees, it is open to the public.

Its restoration, planned by architect and sculptor Gregory Rizopoulos, uncovered frescoes by Nikolaos Gyzis depicting the four seasons.

Today, the Chaidari Municipal Library and the Youth Information Centre are based here.


Additional Info

Name: Gyzis Neoclassical Building
Address: Chaidari
District: West Suburbs
Transportation: Metro Blue Line (3): Egaleo Station

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