Marasleion Elementary School

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Known locally as the Marasleion Secondary School, or simply, ‘Marasleion’, the school is located at the corner of Marasli and Souidias Streets in Kolonaki, next to the remarkable 19th-century building of the Marasleion Teachers’ Academy.

Built in 1929, it was based on designs by Nikolaos Mitsakis, who served in the Ministry of Education and contributed much to the planning and construction of Athens’ schools.

For Marasleion, Mitsakis followed prevailing architectural trends, combining minimal classic elements with more modern designs, creating something unique. Today, the building houses the local high school.

Additional Info

Name: Marasleion Elementary School (Aristotle Gymnasium)
Address: 4, Marasli St, Kolonaki
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Blue Line (3): Evangelismos Station

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