Sotirios Anargyros Mansion

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Built in 1904 from designs by Zizilas, this two-storey, neoclassical building was financed by Sotirios Anargyros, from Spetses, who prospered in 19th-century America.

A great benefactor of his native Spetses, Anargyros funded projects that included the aqueduct, roads, the Poseidonion Hotel, and the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School. His mansion on Spetses is distinguished by its ground-floor colonnade and upstairs terrace, along with a garden and pebbled paths.

Heavily influenced by the popularity of Egyptology, which dominated fashion and design at the time, Anargyros, named his house Niith after the ancient Egyptian goddess, and adorned its interior with sphinxes and other Egyptian motifs. Since 1929, the mansion has been the property of the Anargyrios and Korgialenios School.


Additional Info

Name: Sotirios Anargyros Mansion (Dapia)
Address: Dapia
Area: Spetses

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