St. Fotini

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church of St. Fotini

Built in 1872 near the banks of the Ilyssos River, the church of St. Fotini served the local parish. The simple basilica was built atop remnants of a small church dating from Ottoman occupation. And that church had in fact been built atop the ancient foundations of yet another, older site of worship, the Temple of Hecate, which was converted into a Christian church in the early Christian era.

When St. Fotini was restored to its original form in the late 20th century, its pitched roof was repaired and the old frescoes decorating its interior were restored. Due to its location next to the ancient Ilyssos River, the church attracts many visitors and the faithful from other parishes.


Additional Info

Name: St. Fotini
Address: Kallirois Ave, Ilisos
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Petralona Station

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