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Attica & Athens Mountains

Attica & Athens are not only famous for mythology, history and culture, but also for their majestic mountains and welcoming parks. Step into the great outdoors and discover all that Greece has to offer.


Davelis Cave, also known as Penteli Cave, is located on the south-western slope of Penteli.

Mount Egaleo marks the dividing point between Attica’s north (Egaleo) and its south (Poikilo Oros).

Rising majestically to the east of the city, this sacred mountain is home to ancient Athenian temples and holy places.

Blanketed in pine forests, Mount Kythairon creates a natural border between the cities of Megaris, Thebes and Plataea on one side, and Kythairon and Mount Pastra on the other.

Rising 1,413 metres to its summt at Karabola Peak, Parnitha is Athens’ most important mountain.

This beautifully forested mountain, an extension of the massif of Mount Parnitha, rises as a natural border between Megara and Eleusis.

Mount Penteli is one of Attica’s renowned ranges, famous for the marble extracted from its quarries.

Also known as the 'Hill of the Muses'.

In ancient times, the Athenians worshiped Zeus, the god of rain and thunder, at the top of this hill (referred to as Anchesmos).

At 465 metres high, Poikilo Oros carves out a natural border between the Athens basin and Eleusis.

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