Mount Parnitha

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Mount ParnithaMount ParnithaMount ParnithaMountain hiking at ParnithaMount ParnithaMount ParnithaMount Parnitha

Karabola Peak, the summit of Mount Parnitha, stands at 1,413 metres above sea level. Covered by pine forests at lower altitudes and firs higher up, the Parnitha range has helped shape the Athens basin. Athenians rarely miss an opportunity to visit the mountain for fun and relaxation in the winter when its steep slopes are covered with snow.

A substantial area of Parnitha has been declared a natural park, and is part of the Natura 2000 network. The historic Mont Parnes Hotel, home to the Casino of Parnitha, is located on Mount Mavrovouni, as are the Flabouri and Bafi nature preserves.

Since antiquity, settlements such as Acharnes, Phyli, Dekeleia and Frygia have been located along the base of the mountain. After the 14th century, a large population of Albanians settled here, founding the villages of Menidi, Kiourka and Hassia.

Additional Info

Name: Mount Parnitha
District: North Suburbs
Transportation: Suburban Railway: Acharnes Station

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