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Maritime Tradition Museum ExhibitMaritime Tradition Museum ExhibitMaritime Tradition Museum

The Greek Maritime Tradition Museum is a non-profit organization that celebrates Greece’s maritime history and traditions. Though these traditions have continued uninterrupted for 3,000 years, the museum has been open for only a decade.

During the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the museum’s exhibits were on display, showcasing Greece’s maritime tradition. Exhibits include representations of ancient naval instruments, such as the sundial of Philippi, the plinth of Hipparchus, Archimedes’ screw and the Antikythera mechanism, as well as modern exhibits covering air-supply mechanisms and dive-suits used by Kalymnian sponge fishermen.

Additional Info

Name: Maritime Tradition Museum
Address: end of ANAPAFSEOS str., (next to NAVY PALASKA GATE), PERAMA
District: Piraeus
Phone: 210 4284270
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Piraeus Station

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