OTE Telecommunications Museum

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OTE Telecommunications Museum

Explore exhibits highlighting the crucial role of telecommunications in Greek history. You’ll find all of man’s remote communication attempts explained here: from antiquity to the age of the Internet, from the telegraph and telephone to Telstar.

Housed in the OTE building in Nea Kifissia, the museum opened in 1990 and focuses on researching and documenting the development of telecommunications in Greece. With excellent permanent exhibitions, lecture and projection halls, a technological library and hands-on workshops, the OTE Telecommunications Museum is a must-see.

Additional Info

Name: OTE Telecommunications Museum
Address: 25, Proteos Str, Nea Kifisia
District: North Suburbs
Phone: (+30) 210 6201899
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 08:15:00
First weekend of the month: 09:00-15:00 (after booking)
National Holidays: Closed
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Neratziotissa Station

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