Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos

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The Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos is located on Ermou street, near the Kerameikos archaeological site. The initial collection was discovered during excavations in 1863, and was displayed for many years in smaller buildings throughout the area until a modern minimalist building was constructed to house them in the 1930s.

Designed and funded by the German Archaeological Institute, the museum is made up of four exhibition halls surrounding an indoor patio filled with laurel plants, olive trees, and other Mediterranean flora. Sculptures here date from all periods of antiquity.

The museum also contains a substantial amount of pottery, most taken from the site’s burial ground.
At the beginning of this century, the museum was fully renovated to create a more contemporary presentation space.

Additional Info

Name: Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos
Address: 148, Ermou Str, Kerameikos
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3463552
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 08:00-15:00
Mon: Closed
Transportation: Metro Blue Line (3): Keramikos Station

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