Hellenic Air Force Museum

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An exhibit in the Airforce History MuseumAn aircraft's engineThe museum's TigerA German Junker that was shot down in 1943

Showcasing the century-long history of the Hellenic Air Force, from the Balkan Wars to the present, the museum also exhibits military aircraft from around the world.

Today’s museum originated from an exhibition originally displayed at the old Paleon Faliron airport in 1949. The museum’s most popular displays include a British Spitfire, a German Junker, the legendary Hellenic Air Force DC-47 and other military aircraft.

Additional Info

Name: Air Force History Museum
Address: 1 Moraitini St, P. Faliro
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 9411000
Transportation: Tram: Delta Falirou Station

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