Archaeological Museum of Kythera

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Donated to the Greek State by the Society of Kythera in 1975 and renovated in 1981, the Archaeology Museum of Kythera is housed in a small, early-20th-century building. The museum's collection includes the most important findings from excavations in the area, dating from prehistoric times until the Venetian occupation.

Items from the Byzantine era, mostly icons and holy objects of worship are displayed at the church of the Holy Assumption in Kato Livadi, while many excavated artefacts are stored in the Archaeology Museum of Piraeus. In the early 1990s, the museum was expanded and now includes a small guesthouse.

Additional Info

Name: Archaeological Museum of Kythera
Address: Hora
Area: Kythera
Phone: (+30) 27360 31739
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 8:30 -14:30
Mon: Closed

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