Eleusis (West Attica)

Archeological museum of EleusisArchaeological siteArchaeological site

Famous for the Eleusinian Mysteries, the town of Eleusis lies on the Thriasian Plain some 20 kilometres west of Athens. Reaching its zenith during antiquity, Eleusis’ influence lasted for 2,000 years. This town, birthplace of Aeschylus and dedicated to the goddess Demeter, is one of the five sacred cities of Greece along with Athens, Delphi, Olympia and Delos.

One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece, Eleusis displays the vast history of a residential area inhabited continually since the mid-Helladic Era. And since the ancient Mycenaean Era, Eleusis’ history has been inexorably intertwined with that of Athens. Since the late 19th century, scholars, scientists and tourists have been continually drawn to this exceptional archaeological site and the priceless artefacts housed in its museum.

Additional Info

Name: Elefsina (Eleusis)
District: West Attica
Area: Eleusis
Transportation: Suburban Railway: Magoula Station

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