The port of Lavrion is located 40 kilometres from Athens and just seven kilometres north of Cape Sounion on the southeastern coast of Attica.

Connecting Attica with the island of Kea by ship, Lavrion’s ancient silver mines played a crucial role in Greece’s development.

Opened before 3,000 BC, the mines operated continuously for 2,400 years. In the 6th century BC, when Athens began minting silver coins, the Greek economy grew and brought Athenian democracy to its peak.

Closed in the 2nd century BC, the mines were reopened in 1864 by a French-Italian company, and operated until 1992. The mining facility currently houses the Lavrion Culture and Technology Centre of the Ministry of Culture. In addition to the mine, Lavrion offers a number of interesting sites to visit, including the port of Lavrio, the ancient theatre of Thoricon, and old residential and public mansions. While there, grab a drink at one of the fish market’s ‘ouzeries’, the perfect way to end a day of site-seeing.

Additional Info

Name: Lavrion
District: East Attica
Area: Lavrio

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