The perfect blend of clean beaches, crystalline waters and pine trees, Agistri is a short distance from Piraeus, between Aegina and Methana. It is ideal for both summer and winter vacations, or for day-trips from the capital.

The small, picturesque island of Aponissos  offers many options for entertainment: summer cinema, restaurants, cafés and shops. While it attracts a large number of both Greek and foreign visitors, its character is distinct from the larger tourist destinations. Agistri is easily accessed via its two natural ports: Skala at the north-east, with access by ferry boat; and the capital port of Megalohori, accessible via Flying Dolphin.

Getting around the island is easy by bus, taxi or rented scooters and bicycles. And, since all the island’s attractions are close by, a leisurely walk from any of the island’s hotels is the preferred way to go.

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Name: Agistri
Area: Agistri

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