Dokos (Hydra)

Well known for the 1992 discovery of a sunken merchant ship dating from the early Helladic period in 2200 BC, this arid, rocky island is nestled between Hydra and the Peloponnese. Dokos has been continuously inhabited since the Neolithic era in the fifth millennium and reached its population peak during the Cycladic Age in the third millennium.

Once known as Ameropia, the island held an excellent strategic position that guaranteed its control of the Argolid Gulf and eastern Laconia coast. Its strategic importance can be seen in the remnants of its Byzantine citadel, and through its extensive use as a secure port by 19th-century sailors from Hydra.

Today it has only 50 residents, but hosts many visitors who come here to worship in the convent of St. Eupraxia or enjoy free camping on the northern coast.

Additional Info

Name: Dokos
Area: Hydra

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