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Kastella, the most picturesque district of Piraeus, covers the entire area around Mikrolimano, with old residences and mansions perched on the hillside.

After 1925, though officially named Mounichia Hill, many locals began referring to it as Profitis Ilias, after the church located at its summit. It was here in 403 BC that Thrasyvoulos and his followers expelled the Thirty Tyrants and restored democracy.

The hill also boasts an important military history, having served as a base for general Georgios Karaiskakis during the Revolution of 1821 and home to resistance forces against English admiral Parker in 1849. After liberation from the Turks, refugees from Crete, and later from Asia Minor, settled in this area.

Today, Kastella is a residential area, with many cafés and restaurants, offering visitors a superb view of Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf.

Additional Info

Name: Kastella
District: South Suburbs
Area: Piraeus
Transportation: Metro Green Line (1): Faliro Station
Tram: Stadio Irinis & Filias (SEF) Station

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