Athens Parks & Recreation

Green is not only the color of money (though in Europe it’s usually blue and orange); it can also be found in abundance in many of the Athens parks, which are ideal for recreation activities..

Antonis Tritsis, the “Environmental Awareness Park”, is located at the western edge of urban Athens, at Ilion.

Leave behind the clamour of Athens and spend a day at southeastern Europe’s largest botanical gardens.

The park’s annual flower show, hosted every spring since 1937, is always a big draw.

Converted into a summer theatre by the Municipality of Petroupolis.

Located on the site of the infamous Haidari barracks, the Park of Historical Memory was created over the past decades by the local municipality.

Covering some 480 hectares, Nea Philadelphia Park features a wide variety of flora.

This expansive facility occupies a 15-hectare triangular lot between Thivon and Petrou Ralli Streets.

This park was created in 1908 in the Pagrati neighborhood, when locals planted a large section of land with pine trees.

In May 2012, a beautiful 15-acre park opened to the public in the western suburb of Peristeri.

The Field of Mars, also simply known as 'The Park' by locals, is a large public park adjacent to Alexandras Avenue.

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