Acropolis Station

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The Acropolis Metro Station provides visitors to the Sacred Rock with a taste of the history on display at the Acropolis.

On each of the station's levels, replicas and finds from excavations at the site are displayed. Covering a span of approximately 3,000 years, this exhibition is divided into four sections. The first consists of burial items from the 17th-9th centuries BC, when the area was used as a graveyard; the second displays home and everyday items from the Classic and Byzantine eras; the third offers commercial finds, such as large pointed amphorae and storage jars; and finally, the fourth station displays large replicas of the Parthenon fringe, parts of which are still showcased at the British Museum.

Additional Info

Name: Acropolis Station
Address: Makrigianni Str, Acropolis
District: Central Athens
Opening Hours: Sun - Thur: 05:30 - 00:00
Fri - Sat: 05:30 - 02:00
Transportation: Metro Red Line (2): Acropoli Station

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