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Since 1982, the Maximou Building has been the residence of the Greek Prime Minister. Constructed in 1924, the building was originally built as a residence for the banker and politician, Dimitrios Maximos.

During the German occupation, the building was commandeered by the Germans. For a short period of time following Greece’s liberation, the mansion housed the first post-war ambassador of the United States. Then, in 1952, the mansion, along with its expensive furniture and valuable painting collection, was acquired by the Greek state for only half of its true market value. However, the government did maintain the mansion's name in honour of its original owner.

During the years of the dictatorship, it housed General Zoitakis and later, during the first years of the Republic, served as a guesthouse for distinguished guests of the Greek government.

Additional Info

Name: Maximou Building
Address: 19, Herodes Atticus Str, Athens
District: Central Athens
Phone: (+30) 210 3385491
Transportation: Metro Red (2) or Blue (3) Line: Syntagma Station

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