Lazaros Koudouriotis Residence

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Lazaros Koudouriotis’ two-storey mansion was built in 1780. This impressive example of Hydran architecture belonged to the ship-owning family until 1979, when the grandson of Lazaros, Pantelis Koudouriotis, donated it to the Greek state, which then allocated it to the Historical and Ethnological Society to house part of the National History Museum's collections.

During its early years, the manor hosted many important people and was one of the places where the Revolution of 1821 was organised. Today, a valuable collection of paintings by Perikles and Constantine Vyzantions is displayed on the ground floor, while the upstairs remains just as it was when last occupied by Pantelis Koudouriotis.

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Name: Lazaros Koudouriotis Residence
Area: Hydra

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