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The world-famous AcropolisA view of the ParthenonThe world-famous Acropolis"Touching" the skyThe world-famous AcropolisThe illuminated "Sacred Rock"A view of the Parthenon

The world-famous Acropolis, or Sacred Rock, is a fortified hill towering 156 meters high in the heart of Athens, its summit home to one of the most important historical building complexes ever constructed by man. The awe-inspiring symbol reminds us that Greek civilisation has thrived here since the prehistoric era.

Used regularly by the ancient Athenians since the third millennium BC, finds dating as far back as the Mycenaean era, as well as traces of archaic-era temples have been uncovered here.

Today, visitors can admire amazing 5th century architecture like the Parthenon (the most visited sight in Greece), the Erechteion, the Propylaea and the Temple of Nike Apteros. The Acropolis was used during later years for religious, administrative and even defense purposes. Although these incredible monuments have suffered substantial damage from a number of wars, the stunning beauty and cultural significance of the Acropolis is still a unique marvel.


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Name: Acropolis
Area: Acropolis
District: Central Athens
Transportation: Metro Red Line (2): Acropoli Station

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