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Athens & Attica Sightseeing

The Goulandris Museum of Natural History is a non-profit, charitable foundation, dedicated to the study, preservation and protection of the natural environment of Greece.

Art exhibitions featuring paintings and creations by children aged 5-14, who have either won prizes in Children’s art competitions or have participated in the museum’s art workshops.

Cycladic Art Museum

Emotions Museum of Childhood

The Hellenic Children’s Museum (HCΜ), located at 14 Kidathineon Street in Plaka, is a non-profit organization, established in Athens in 1987.

The church of Agioi Isidoroi is an old, single-aisle basilica with a wooden roof.

The Pnyx was selected as the seat of the Ecclesia and the area of assembly for Athenian citizens due to its unique morphology and size.

The Choragic Monument of Lysicrates was erected by the choregos Lysicrates, a wealthy patron of musical performances at the Theater of Dionysus.

The world-famous Acropolis, or Sacred Rock, is a fortified hill towering 156 meters high in the heart of Athens.

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