The fun in Athens starts mid afternoon, builds up in the evening, climaxes late at night and goes on till dawn. Coffee shops and bars occupy almost every city block, mainly around the busy streets of the capital’s center, around Syntagma Square, Kolonaki, Monastiraki, Plaka, Psiri, Gazi, Thission but also the main streets of Kifissia and Glyfada.

The same locals also provide endless dining options, from traditional tavernas where Greek food rules, to high class international cuisine alternatives.

And while restaurants and clubs for this guide have been selected using certain criteria, you can also do your own research with the help of your hotel’s concierge. Especially when it comes to traditional eateries (like Bairaktaris in Monastiraki or Dourambeis in Microlimano) which never won a Michelin star but have had the thumbs up from Greeks and visitors alike for the last forty years.

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