L'Edificio Weiler

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Situato all'interno dell'area pedonale di fronte al Nuovo Museo dell'Acropoli su via Makrigianni, l'Edificio Weiler fu progettato e costruito nel 1836 dall'ingegnere militare bavarese Wilhelm von Weiler per ospitare l'Ospedale dell'Esercito.

In 1920, the police regiment began using the facility as its barracks, and in December 1944, the building became a centrepiece of civil struggles. Originally designed in the German neo-romantic style, its stone masonry originally had a visible coating. Following the battles of 1944, the coating was destroyed, exposing the stonework. Since 1978 it has belonged to the Ministry of Culture.

Restructured between 1985 and 1987, the building today houses the Museum of the Centre for Acropolis Studies.


Additional Info

Nome: Weiler Building
Indirizzo: 2-4, Makrygianni Str, Plaka
Distretto: Central Athens
Mezzi di trasporto: Metro Red Line (2): Acropoli Station

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